September 1, 2011


Even though we didn't have attendants at the ceremony, I made boutonnieres for the groom and fathers of the bride and groom. They were finicky to put together, but at the same time simple. I took a peacock feather and trimmed off the excess bits of feather. I added the small green flower with a long stem then wrapped green ribbon around the base, secured with a dab of hot glue. This part was difficult because the ribbon kept shifting and wanting to unwind after the glue was securing it. For the final touch, I tied a bow using blue ribbon and hot glued it deeply under the flower to add just a hint of blue. It was much easier to tie it away from the boutonniere than to tie it around. I was trying very hard not to break apart the eye of the peacock feather, which made putting the thing together more difficult.

For myself, I put a large white flower in my hair I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The mothers had smaller white flowers pinned to their dresses. Very simple but a really nice touch.

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