January 19, 2013

Beer Soap

For Christmas, I made two batches of beer soap.  My brother has been home brewing for a while now and I thought it might be nice to make some soap with some extra beer he had.  There were two types I made. The one pictured below is one I consider more girly. It has some extra oils in it and the scent is stronger.

I made the label using Make-The-Cut and a Lettering Delights font and doodlebat.  Each woman I gave a Christmas present to got a bar of this soap.

I forgot to take a picture of what I called The Man Soap.  It had a lighter fragrance called Oatmeal Stout.  It was mostly made of olive oil, but also had some coconut and a little palm oil as well. I also fixed the label to include my brother's name instead of writing it on all of them.  All the men got a bar of this soap. The extra's went to my brother and his wife to use or hand out as gifts.

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